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With the healthcare industry changing at an unprecedented rate, Earthlite Medical has stepped up to meet its demands. Bringing years of established and unparalleled expertise in the luxury hotel industry, Earthlite Medical has created patient-focused hospital furniture and medical equipment that maximizes comfort, function, and style. A designer collection of medical exam tables, chiropractic tables, bariatric chairs, and other state-of-the-art medical furniture provides optimal treatment opportunities for physicians while offering patients comfort in their time of need.

In an environment filled with surgical equipment and sterile medical supplies, Earthlite Medical’s furnishings were created with real people in mind. It was designed to invoke a calm and relaxing atmosphere, while still maximizing functionality. Imagine an examination table that is suitable for a wide range of treatments and therapies all while offering comfort to the patient and accessibility to the physician. Now, imagine that very same exam table is durable, reliable, and stylish too. This is what Earthlite Medical offers to the medical community; it is a truly innovative approach to patient care.

Patient-centered healthcare is not a new concept, but recent changes in industry standards have put patients in more distinct focus. Earthlite Medical’s groundbreaking hospital equipment caters to the ever-changing needs of the patient while answering the medical facility’s desire to create a more attractive treatment environment. More importantly, our line of medical furnishings and equipment accomplishes this without compromising doctor and staff efficiency, but actually increasing productivity and function.

At Earthlite Medical, we believe that the term ‘medical supply’ does not need to be synonymous with the uncomfortable office environment of the past. We believe in supplying medical professionals with unprecedented quality and innovation, without sacrificing comfort or beauty. The medical furnishings of the future are patient-focused and Earthlite Medical has stepped up to meet the demands of the industry. The future is Earthlite Medical. The future is now